COVID-19: Update

COVID-19: Update

COVID-19 UPDATE July 21, 2020

It has now been more than 4 months since Covid-19 took British Columbia by storm. We have all had to find new ways to live safely both at home at work. Sabre Industrial Supplies has put together an extensive list of products to deal with the challenges that come with Covid-19. This list includes products to inform and protect your workers and to sanitize your the workplace. Go to Sabre E-commerce at and BROWSE to see many of these great products.

You can use your sign-on the on the Sabre E-commerce site at and you can see all the products and place orders. You can order directly when searching or you can use the custom parts list function that will save you or your employee ordering time. The Sabre E-commerce webstore is open to place orders 24/7, 365 days per year with access to technical product information, your customized pricing and online specific promos.

When your order is placed we will process it and either ship it to you or hold for pickup at our shipping dock (we will advise you when it is ready.)

If you do not have a sign-on go to: to sign up to use the Sabre E-commerce webstore. If you need help getting signed up, please reach out to your account manager or one of our store locations:



On the supply side, there has been a worldwide shortage of many of the Covid-19 related products. Our stock of hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer and nitrile gloves are all quite good right now. We also have received inventory of personal face masks, both throw away and reusable. We are doing our best to increase inventory levels on crucial products during these tough times and our efforts are starting to show results. with product arriving daily.

Finally we wish you the best in these troubled times. Be calm and stay safe.

Sabre Industrial Supplies Ltd.

2020 Jul 21st Mike Nilson

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